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Alpha House Realty

Miami 100% Real Estate Brokerage

Keep more of your money!

Why are you still splitting 10-50% of your commission with your broker! Join Alpha House Realty and keep 100% of your commission!

100% Commission

No Transaction Fees

Fast Payments

Why Join Alpha House Realty

You will get to keep 100% of your commission and no transaction fees!!

Full Broker Support

We have a broker that has been in this business for over 12 years. He is there to answer any question you may have or if you just want to vent about the frustrations of being a real estate agent.

Marketing Support

We have a sister company, Alpha Theory Marketing, which is a full service marketing firm designed to help you make anything your mind can think of! We have a lot of experience in real estate marketing!

Full E&O Insurance

There are a lot of crazy people out there so to having good insurance that protects you is very important! We provide all of our agents E&O insurance at no additional cost.

Cloud Brokerage

Driving really sucks! We do everything virtually and you can work from the comforts of your own home! You will never need to step foot into an office.

Paid At Closing

No one likes waiting for their money. We authorize the title company to pay you directly at closing. For rentals, we issue direct deposits (larger transactions) or Zelle payments (smaller transactions) that hit your account instantly!


Yes we go over how to fill out a contract, but we go much deeper than that! Over the years we have perfected the art of dealing with clients and will share all of our tips and tricks of the trade!

Interested In Joining The Alpha House Team?

Keep 100% of your commission

Simple Pricing

As promised, you will get 100% of your commission paid at closing! Alpha House Realty gives you all the benefits of a large brokerage, but you get to keep 100% of the commission.


Regular Price: $2000/yr

Alpha House Agents Have Exclusive Access To:


Work from home


No transaction fees


No company bureaucracy


No sales quota


No desk fees


Full-Service marketing


Online forms and sales contract




Paid at closing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide leads?

From time to time we do provide leads but it should not be seen as something you can full depend on to make a full living. Estimate 1-2 leads a month that will come from us. 

Can we pay our monthly fees with credit card?

Yes, we will send you a link to input your credit card info and set up auto payments. Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime!

Do I have to go to the office?

No, you can work from home! We are a virtual cloud-based firm. We do however maintain an office in Downtown Miami for mail and drop-off points for documents. 

Do I have to pay for the MLS?

Yes, your obligation is to join the Miami Realtor association and pay for your MLS feed.

Is the marketing free?

We have a sister company called Alpha Theory Marketing! They specialize in photography, social media ads, google ads, web design, and lead generation. They have a lot of experience in real estate marketing and you get a discounted access to any service that the company offers! You are never obligated to use them but they offer a lot of great marketing solutions. 

Is it easy to leave Alpha House Realty?

While we would be sad to see you leave, we do not hold you captive at our company. You are free to leave anytime you want. Just shoot us an email or give us a call and we will cancel your subscription plan.

Contact Alpha House Realty

If you are interested in joining or have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.